Hunger Games Overview

After the rebellion the Capitol set up the HUNGER GAMES!!Every year each district has to send one girl tribute and one boy tribute between the age of 12 and 18 To the capitol to be put in an arena to fight every other tributes form the districts.Only one will come out.

Panem is the country in the hunger games life is hard for people in the districts.They produce certain things for the Capitol ,the only place where life is easy.Each district has a certain product of which they produce.

District 1- luxury

District 2-masonry(trains weapons and peace keepers)

District 3-Automobile and fire arms

District 4-Fishing

District 5-Power

District 6-Transport

District 7-Lumber

District 8-Textiles

District 9-Grain

District 10-livestock

District 11-Agriculture

District 12-Coal

District 13-Nuclear Weapons

Katniss everdeen who is the main character in the hunger games lives in district 12 she lives in the seam the poorest part of panem She  volunteers to be tribute after her 12 year old sister gets picked from the name lottery  .


Hunger Games book or film


The hunger games

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I’m sure many of you have seen the hunger games or read the books but if you have and you just want another persons view or you havent and want to know what all the fuss is about i’m going to post reviews on the books and films



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In Britain  and the UK the week beginning Monday 13th of May 2013 to Thursday 16th of May 2013 is S.A.T.S week! This is when children in Year 6 ( children aged 10 or 11) which is the highest class in primary school take some tests to show off their knowledge.These consist of the usual 5 tests.A  reading comprehension test ( where you read a text and answer questions about it )50 MARKS   . 3 maths papers a mental maths paper ( where you have 20 questions that are played back on a CD and you have 5/10/15 seconds to answer them) 20 MARKS .Maths paper A where you have 40 MARKS   and 45 mins with 1/2/3 marks per question.Maths paper B where you still have 45 mins and 40 MARKS but you are allowed to use a calculator. Maths tests are marked out of a total 100 MARKS .You also have a spelling , grammer and punctuation test where you do what it says on the tin .You usualy do level 3-5  tests but some children do level 6 tests extra.

I am doing these and level 6  reading and maths .Wish me luck =)


Malala update

Malala is fine and and¬†discharged¬†from hospital! Nevertheless she has a¬†titanium¬†implant in her skull and in her ear she had had an implant !! But guess what she has 2619 people signing her¬†Nobel¬†peace prize¬†petition! (If you want to know any more about Malala send me a comment !)¬†Check out¬†Malala’s¬†video¬†click me¬†. It may be short but it is great !


Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai  was shot in the head , in her home town Mingora in ,Pakistan by Taliban  controlling that area.Girls were being stopped from going to school and Malala protested against it and was shot as a result while going home from school on the 9 October 2012. Luckily she is getting better at a hospital in Birmingham. I really hope she fully recovers and that her struggle to get girls to be able to go to school succeeds.

I think Malala was very brave for standing up for what she believed in . Malala started writing about her life under Taliban rule for  BBC Urdu at the beginning of 2009. For her selfless bravery she  has been awarded some awards and there is a  Nobel peace prize petition for her. Please sign her petition!  Malala day is celebrated on the 10th of November.

I was so shocked when I found out what had happened to¬†Malala because in England and many other countries we take school for granted and we don’t have to be scared to go to school. Now I don’t want to take school for granted because I know many girls like me don’t have the chance to go to school.